Welcome to Haleyville


·Fairview: (205)486-3025
·Haleyville Housing Authority: (205)486-3571
·Rosewood Park: (205)486-3086
·Royal Oaks: (205)486-9969
·Shady Brook: (205)486-9924

Real Estate

·Defoor Realty: (205)486-3313
·Lawson Realty: (205)486-4140
·Richardson Realty: (205)486-9475


·Alabama Power: 1-800-245-2244
·Water Department: (205)486-3114
·Water Dept. Emergency: (205)269-6555

Gas Services

·Columbus Butane: (205)921-3174
·Northwest Alabama Gas: (205)486-7517
Nights & Weekends: (205)486-4943
·Spire: 855-807-3886

Phone/Internet Services

·Centurylink: 1-855-263-9576
·Freedom Fiber: (205)921-6712


·Azalea Manor: (205)485-9343
·Haleyville Health Care Center: (205)486-9478
·Hendrix Health Care Center: (205)489-2131
·Lakeland Community Hospital: (205)486-5213
·Rose Manor Assisted Living: (205)485-2422

Family Practice

·Family Medical: (205)486-8899
·Haleyville Pediatrics: (205)485-7288
·Harrison Family Practice: (205)486-5234
·Lakeland Family Practice: (205)485-7227


·Banks Family Dentistry: (205)486-8601
·Borden Dental: (205)486-3113
·Lakeman Family Dentistry: (205)486-2731


·CVS: (205)486-9202
·Haley’s Pharmacy: (205)486-4700
·Major’s Discount Drugs: (205)486-4534
·Medical Arts: (205)486-3133
·Robert’s Hometown Pharmacy: (205)486-4663
·Walmart: (205)486-9498

Physical Therapists

·Encore: (205)486-2753; (205)486-2768
·Family Rehabilitation: (205)485-2213

Grocery Markets

·Dollar General: (205)494-7670
·Dollar Tree: (205)494-4004
·Goar’s Big Star: (205)486-3516
·Piggly Wiggly: (205)486-3233
·Walmart: (205)486-9498

Local Media

·Channel 40(ABC)
·Channel 42(CBS)
·Channel 13(NBC)
·Channel 2 (HBTV)
·The Northwest Alabamian
·The Times Daily

Permits & Licensing

Haleyville City Hall: (205)486-3121
·City Business License
·Building Permits

Double Springs (County Seat): (205)489-5166
·Driver’s License
·Car Tag
·County & State Business License

Local Sales Tax: 10%

Voters Registration: Double Springs

Garbage Pick-up: Once weekly


Haleyville Board of Education: (205)486-9231
Website: haley-k12.us

For Alzheimer Support, please visit https://www.alzheimersupport.com/memory-care/alabama/. Alzheimer Support is a free service that assists Haleyville families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Through our free search tool and database of Alzheimer’s care facilities, families who are in need of care for their loved ones are able to locate licensed care homes and communities in the Haleyville area that are best equipped to provide care for their loved ones.