Haleyville City Schools

Motivating, Educating, & Achieving Excellence

The Haleyville City School system takes pride in the fact that we are student focused. Our goal is for students to feel connected to our schools, and we make these connections through extracurricular activities, clubs, and service organizations.

Board of Education Superintendent
Dr. Holly Sutherland  (205)486-9231

Haleyville Elementary School

The Mission of HES is to prepare students to be resourceful, respectful, and responsible citizens and to facilitate learning for all students. To learn more about our school, please visit our website hes.haley-k12.us, or view our Facebook page Haleyville Elementary School.

Haleyville High School

At HHS, a quality education is a fundamental right of every individual. All students will receive the respect, encouragement, and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens.
Twitter: @HaleyvilleLions Facebook: Haleyville High School Website: hhs.haley-k12.us/

Haleyville Middle School

The Mission of HMS is to inspire and challenge every student to reach their greatest potential. To learn more about our school, visit our website hms.haley-k12.us/ or check us out on Facebook, Haleyville Middle School.

Haleyville Center of Technology

Our Mission at the Haleyville Center of Technology is to provide high quality career and technical experiences that prepare every student for post-secondary education, meaningful work, career advancement, and citizenship.
Twitter: @HaleyvilleCT Facebook: Haleyville Center of Technology Website:hct.haley-k12.us/

Haleyville City Schools

Haleyville City Schools

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The History of Haleyville City Schools

The Haleyville City School System is located in Haleyville, Alabama, and serves the students in the Haleyville City School District. The School System was established in 1971 and consists of one high school, one middle school, one elementary school and a center of technology. The entire campus is located on approximately 90 acres at the end of 20th street near City Lake just off of Highway 195. The Haleyville City School System is accredited by the State Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Haleyville City Schools is fortunate to have the support of its residents and numerous local businesses. The residents of Haleyville believe in quality education for their children and have demonstrated that belief by supporting the school system since its inception. Parents are active in their support of school functions by participating in booster clubs, PTO, school events, and school volunteer programs. Haleyville City Schools is proud to be a part of such a supportive community that understands the value of education.

Haleyville City Schools has had an illustrious and proud history. From its beginning and thru the years we have always focused on offering our children the best education possible. We have strived to stay on the cutting edge of education thru continued education of our faculty, our open minded approach to technology and with pride of our heritage and our history.

Higher Education

Winston County is encircled with a strong community college presence and accordingly, we have worked to utilize the community college system to partner in workforce training efforts.